Easter Island is a community of musicians and promoters who work with a diverse bunch of artists.

We are community driven and work in the wider canterbury area on local charity projects while also producing global record releases. We began as a punk DIY record label and are proud to still support those principles. We want to support brilliant artists to release their music on ethical principles. Profit doesn’t drive us but supporting artists to be autonomous and creative and have their music heard as widely as possible does. Wherever you are, whoever you are. If you want us to help oversee the specifics of your release then get in touch. If you don’t want to release music via a label then we get that and have put together a guide to help you navigate self-releasing your music.

Got your band together?

Got your band together and feel like you got a couple of solid tunes ?! Kent is blessed with having an abundance of thriving studios and producers. There’s a producer out there for everyone. Below is a list of local studios that we have used in some capacity or simply recommend. In no particular order:

ETB Recording studio
Roswell Recordings
Century audio
Anchor baby
Sunlight studios
Big jelly

Need some artwork?

We’re also blessed with a vast pool of artists who can help style your release from the initial gig announcement to the merch you sell at that wonky table. Something which is often overlooked is consistency, in regards to your promotional material and the physical release itself. What works best is if there is a consistent design from start to release. Once again in no particular order is a bunch of brilliant artists that we’ve used or just recommend –

Laurence Crow
Alastair Knowles-Lenoir 
Jordan Gray
George William Craig
Emma (Connect Nothing)
Adam Mcvey
Glen Harvey
DJR Photography
Unfound Matt

What format?

Got your songs and artwork nailed? Then this is a good point to start thinking about format. Everyone wants vinyl but cost is always a factor. You’ll find that you need to order 250 minimum, which will include a test pressing. Tape is a cheaper option, looks good and is collectable. CD’s are cheap and efficient, but a little less exciting. It’s best to ask yourself whether you truly need a physical release or are happy to go for a digital release. Vinyl is great but they might be better coming later in your band’s career.

Once again in no particular order below is a bunch of places that we have used or just recommend –

Disc factory

Looking for a show?

So you have got your EP together and ready to gig? It’s time for your release show! Scope out a venue, get some support bands together and contact a sound engineer. This period takes a bit of multi-tasking but it’s doable and loads of fun. Some places might have a inhouse sound engineer and will ask for a broad figure for the whole night. What is handy is trying to build a presence locally pre-release. You can do this by messaging a bunch of promoters looking for support slots or getting in contact with your local indy store and asking to do a show. Below and just for you, we’ve compiled a list of venues and promoters:

Promoters –
Big salad
Connect nothing
Seaside Sessions
Arts cool
Crash of the moons 
Blue sky pie 
Burger boys
Jasleen Dhindsa (PR)

Venues –
UCA bar 
Ramsgate Music Hall
Tom Thumb Theatre 
The Penny Theatre 
Vinylstore jr 

Any other questions?

You should have everything you need above to get started and if you’re looking for a show feel free to shoot us a message. Either way, good luck with your release and most importantly… HAVE FUN.

Big Love

Easter Island